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23 юли 2024
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Michael Jackson- Billie Jean [1983] (Motown 25 Live) Long Version
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Date :01 юли 2009
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In Memory of the Greatest Entertainer EVER!!! We love you Michael Jackson!! Second Part of Legendary Motown 25 performance of Billie Jean introducing the Moonwalk!!! I do not own. By Chris Nixon \"Its May 16, 1983. Im 11 years old, just starting to discover and explore my lifelong fascination with music. And Im watching this retro Motown program with my parents. Theyre pretty excited, going down memory lane, singing along with the songs. They close their eyes every once in a while, probably imagining their first kiss, or a prom dance, or holding hands with a crush for the first time. The kinds of memories I was just starting to create for myself at age 11. I enjoyed the show, but I realized it wasnt my music. Then Michael Jackson appeared onstage alone, all spangly and donning the infamous white glove. When he pulled out the moonwalk, time just kind of froze. Through the lens of my small-town New Hampshire existence as a young lad, it was like an alien landed on the stage to perform Billie Jean. Leg kicks, gyrations he seemed like he was dancing on an oil slick, a la the master James Brown. The next day at school, everyone was tripping over their own feet trying to imitate the walk. White gloves started appearing, along with the Thriller red leather jackets. Over time, the moonwalk and the patented leg kick faded into pop culture lore along with the Billy Idol fist pump. Jackson continued to sell records, but his personal life seemed to spin out of control and his career eventually suffered. Looking back on it, Michael Jackson was not a legend in my mind. I did not understand teenage girls crying and fainting in his presence, just as I probably would not have understood teenage girls chasing down The Beatles if I had been alive at the time. Jackson was a performer, and a great one for his time. He sold a lot of records. And like many others in his business, suffered the unfortunate consequences of untamed fame and fortune. When reflecting on the life of Michael Jackson, I prefer to pass over the court cases, the veils and the ugliness of his later years. Ill try to focus on his shining moment, defying the laws of physics on the stage at Motown 25. I know wasnt alone in this moment 47 million people watched the Motown 25 show during the initial airing in 1983 alone. Feel free to share your Michael Jackson memories.\" Read more: http://www.sdnn.com/sandiego/2009-06-25/things-to-do/concerts-music-clubs/remembering-michael-jacksons-shining-moment-at-motown-25#ixzz0JYXFKSOt&C [More] [Less]
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